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Family Pool Maintenance has been serving Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, and Dover, Delaware for over 10 years. In 2018, ownership passed hands to Mark Brumbaugh. Mark has been involved in service-related businesses for most of his career, and he enjoys the challenge of providing excellent customer-service in an industry that often does not have it. 

At Family Pool Maintenance, we have been excited to see how our customer-first philosophy has brought growth to the business and filled a need within the community. 

We have 3 primary goals at Family Pool Maintenance:

  • To go above and beyond expectations in the service we provide to each customer
  • To be the go-to pool cleaning company in Central Delaware, leading the way in innovative service and environmentally conscious solutions for your pool
  • To always provide clean and safe pools for our customers, ensuring peace of mind and lifelong memories

From Mark, the Owner: 

“I grew up cleaning my family pool and had lots of experiences poolside that I still remember vividly. I hope your pool memories and experiences are just as fun and enjoyable as mine were! 

And with 5 boys of my own, I understand how important it is to have a clean and safe environment. Let our team help you take care of your pool so that you can enjoy your little piece of paradise and create memories of your own.”

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Cleaning Edges of Swimming Pool

Listen to this client's story:

“After two years of delays due to Covid, manufacturing delays/problems we finally got our new liner installed just before Labor Day, 2021. Was fantastic to see the new liner after looking at an empty pool (filled with brackish water!) and to have it filled with three tank trucks of pristine water. Topped off with Backquil and algaecide.

I thought this is too good to be true. WRONG!

Shortly thereafter I had a recurrence of a spinal problem and for four weeks was unable to do anything to the pool. Given the time of the year, it did not take long for a healthy growth of algae to sit in with all the leaves and pine needles filling the new pool. Within five weeks, you cannot see the bottom anywhere in the pool and it looked almost no different from the brackish mess that it replaced. Trying to clean algae out with a standard vacuum attached to the skimmer via the sand filter proved fruitless.

Needless to say, “despair set in”… quickly. Several folks that I contacted for “help” had already closed up shop for the season. Sitting at the “roundabout” by the WAWA in Smyrna waiting for my turn to exit, a white truck passed in front of me and on the side it red Family Pool Maintenance Company”… I followed it to get the phone number off the side of the truck and immediately called the number when I got home. Mr. Mark Brumbaugh answered the phone and I told him my sad, sad tale of a “new pool gone bad”. He said he had pretty much finished with the season but would come out and look at the pool and see what he might do to get it in shape.

Was the best phone call I ever made. Mr. Brumbaugh came right out and after looking at the pool said… “I’ve seen worse”… we’ll get you squared away.

After just starting several days later… The pool pump (25 years old!) died… Then problems with my “do it yourself wiring job on the old pool pump”… Mark had an electrician friend who fixed the wiring problems and Mark had a brand new slate of the art pump he hooked up to get the work started.

Once started, it took about 2.5 days to get the pool completely clean, and once more you could see the bottom… No mess, no leaves, no pine needles, no algae.

Regardless of the problems, Mark never said that it was going to be an “awful problem”… he and his team had the requisite equipment, know-how, and confidence to bring my pool to a very successful conclusion.

Additionally, just watching him and his teamwork, and listening to them, I learned a lot…

Even though I’ve taken care of this pool for 42+ years (3 liners/2 pumps/2 sand filters). I cannot say enough about his professionalism and hands-on approach to my “self-inflicted” problem. Thanks, Mark.”

James D.