Inground Pools in Delaware – When to Call a Service Pro

sunset at a Delaware inground pool

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Inground Pools in Delaware – When to Call a Service Pro

Family Pool Maintenance is happy to be home to Delaware’s inground pool experts. We love being part of the community, helping new and old pool owners alike get maximum enjoyment from their pools. We’re always on call should you need assistance – but we also know that many pool owners have the DIY chops to do some projects themselves.


So, maybe you’re wondering, “Should I tackle this inground pool maintenance myself, or should I call Family Pool Maintenance?”


In this article, we explain when you should and shouldn’t consider attempting DIY service on your pool. In some cases, you risk incredible damage to yourself and your property by doing repairs yourself. Or you may compound an issue related to chemistry balance, for example, if you miscalculate your chemicals or miss a step in the process.


When in doubt, call our office and ask us about your pool. We’ll be able to provide specific guidance for your inground Delaware pool. 


What Could Happen if You Don’t Call the Delaware Experts for Inground Pool Service?

A lot can go wrong during pool maintenance and repairs. Modern pools can require complicated systems and equipment in order to regulate the levels and quality of your water. Depending on what’s going on in your inground Delaware pool, you might be dealing with plumbing, electrical, and construction work. 


Incorrect pool maintenance can lead to the following issues:


  • Flooding and damage from leaking pipes and basins
  • Wasted energy due to inefficient filters and pumps
  • Electrical shorts and fire hazards
  • Voided warranties
  • Green (and foul-smelling) water
  • Unnecessary damage to expensive equipment


We don’t want you to be the frantic customer calling our office, telling us that your yard has become a swamp or that your $1500 variable speed pool pump is on fire!


We Recommend DIY for These Delaware Inground Pool Projects

We don’t want to scare you away from taking care of your pool yourself. In fact, many tasks can be done by the pool owner themselves. You don’t need to call our Delaware pool experts every time you drop a chlorine tablet into the water. 


It’s completely normal to take care of these tasks yourself:

  • Regular Cleaning

Pull out that pool skimmer and empty the filter of leaves and bugs. Pool cleaning should be done regularly, which would make it very inconvenient to call out the pool pros multiple times a week. 

  • Simple Equipment Upkeep and Routine Maintenance

Filter cleaning, lightbulb replacements, and refreshing parts on an automatic cleaner can be tackled by the savvy pool owner. You replace the windshield wipers on the car and replace the filters in your HVAC system. Pools often require the same kind of maintenance. We just want to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed or find yourself in a pickle without help.

  • Routine Pool Chemical Balancing

We highly recommend pool owners learn how to balance their pool chemicals. This will save you money over the long haul. But there are lots of tools out there for DIY chemistry.


If you’re unsure about DIY inground pool maintenance, ask us to show you how to do it. Nobody expects a pool owner to magically know how to balance pH without learning how. Use Family Pool Maintenance as your Delaware inground pool resource!


It’s Time to Call the Delaware Inground Pool Pros…

Save yourself time and money by being cautious with your pool service. Pool maintenance takes equal parts know-how and execution. We’ve been taking care of Delaware pools for years and know the subtle do’s and don’ts of the trade.


It’s time to call the Delaware inground pool pros…

  • When Work Involves Taking Apart the System or Excavation

Inground pools are constructed using hardy gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl. You can’t just go in, rip out a section, and slap it back up. Plumbing work might also require valve upgrades or careful calibration. Don’t take on these projects unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

  • When the Job Requires More Than One Person

Like any professional services profession, pool maintenance involves heavy lifting and coordination. Some pool pumps can weigh over 30 pounds and you may need a spotter for equipment installation. Completing pool maintenance on your own can be dangerous depending on the circumstances.

  • When DIY Doesn’t Work Out

Don’t dig yourself into a hole if a DIY repair doesn’t go well. Pool chemicals can have a number of secondary effects. You don’t want to cause more problems than necessary with “shot-in-the-dark” equipment repairs.

  • When You Have Other Things to Do

Pools are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t spend your entire weekend hitting your head against the wall when Family Pool Maintenance can have your problem solved in an hour. Go play golf. Do some shopping in town. DIY isn’t always worth the effort.


Schedule Your 2023 Inground Pool Installation and Service in Delaware

Family Pool Maintenance is trusted by dozens of pool owners across the great state of Delaware. This means our Spring schedule gets busy as we open pools and make repairs to get people ready for the summer sun. 


Whether you’ve been with us for years or you’re looking for a new Delaware pool maintenance company, we’d be happy to serve you.


Just give us a call to get on our 2023 schedule!

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