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Residential Pool Cleaning ​

Residential pools require regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Residential pool owners, such as yourself, have two options when dealing with regular maintenance and repairs. The first is the popular DIY method. The second option is to partner with professionals such as Family Pool Maintenance, a local pool cleaning company in Dover, DE, that pool owners can turn to for their needs. 

Partnering with a professional eliminates regular hassles and ensures that the residential pool cleaning project is done right. We specialize in interval cleaning, general maintenance and repairs and fully understand how to ensure that you are pleased with your pool.

A pool cleaning company can also help identify potential problems that have not yet shown themselves, but are starting to develop. 

Opening/Closing A Pool ​

Cleaning Pool Water with Vacuum

As a pool owner, you know that these beautiful amenities require care and attention. One of the steps to maintain the pool is proper opening and closing of the pool.

It sounds simple enough, but many find this task to be a hassle.

Opening and closing a pool can be a tedious and tiring process that uses more time than expected. It is also prone to error.

As a pool cleaning company Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, and Dover residents are trusting with their family’s pools, we open and close hundreds of pools a year. We understand that our customers lead busy lives. It’s our pleasure to offer this quality service to our neighbors and community in the Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, and Dover area.

How does the opening and closing of the pool process work?

Opening Pools

Everyone loves the idea of opening their pool as they think of all the marvelous experiences that wait in store during the spring and summer months. The problem lies with the physical act of opening the pool. As with most everything, this process requires its own equipment and techniques. Further, it requires water testing to bring about the right balanced water.

Professionals use a variation of these essential steps to kickoff the swimming season:

  • Clean debris from the pool cover
  • Remove still water from the pool covering
  • Slowly extract the cover and clean it. When full dry, keep it in storage until closing time
  • Input water into your pool unit and wait for it to meet a certain threshold
  • Check your filter system
  • Run your filter system
  • Wait while the filter runs for two days
  • Obtain a water sample to test the contents of the pool and to add the right ingredients

As you can see, a proper opening requires commitment, dedication, a bit of elbow grease, and scientific precision. Pool owners prefer to call a pool company because they can rely on them to open the pool correctly. 

They don’t have to worry about testing the water and dealing with potential staining or balance issues affecting the longevity of the pool and sustainability of the swimming environment. Pool owners appreciate that they don’t have to run around the house looking for specific materials and products, order the items they need and then carefully implement these products into their pools.


Closing Pools

The time comes when we must say farewell to our pools until the next year. This process necessitates water balancing prior to closure.

Closing your pool requires even more diligence and care than the opening. But it’s important to get your pool ready for the harsh winter season right around the corner.

Remember that water will expand as it hits the freezing point and this natural process can wreak havoc on the internal mechanisms of the pool system. 

That’s why you must take care of this activity with scientific rigor. Here are the steps that a pool company will use in the pool closing process:

  • Clean the pool by extracting tree leaves, resting pests and rodents, and any other material from the pool water
  • Test a water sample at least seven days before closing
  • Balance your water before closing
  • Input the necessary closing chemicals
  • Reduce water level according to cover requirements
  • Winterize the pool equipment and overall system
  • Search your cover for potential tears or other issues and then conduct repairs if it calls for it
  • Add the winter coverage material

The closing process is a small series of steps, but it requires  commitment, time, and great attention to detail to properly execute the task. As such, many pool owners in Smyrna will make sure to call the best pool cleaning company to handle the project for them.

Periodic Pool Cleaning

The truth is that each pool owner requires something different for their specific situation. We want to make sure we are partnering with you to make your pool a clean and safe environment and an investment that will last for years to come. Whether you simply want some simple help with your opening and closing tasks, or you would prefer weekly cleaning and maintenance, we are here to help. 

Save Time And Use Professionals

While your weekly cleaning and maintenance may seem manageable at first glance, we know how easy it is to forget these important tasks week after week. Debris, insects and leaves can build up even within a short amount of time, making your pool a less enjoyable environment. We offer cleaning services as complex or simple as you would like, as often or sparse as your budget can handle. 

As a pool cleaning company Dover residents have come to trust, we know the importance of working around your schedule for your pool cleaning services. We strive to be as invisible as possible, so you can enjoy your pool as often as possible. We’ll work with you to figure out the best time to come, when the pool will be least likely to be in use. 

We always leave your pool and pool deck in better shape than we found it and ensure that we are handling your property with care. We’ll make a note of any special instructions that we may need to heed when on your property (dogs, fences, etc.) and make sure the instructions are communicated to all technicians. 

Call us today for more info on the pool cleaning packages we offer.

Hire The Best Pool Cleaning Company!

Our team at Family Pool Maintenance has the skills and knowledge you need to execute your project. 

At Family Pool Maintenance, we understand pools and do our best to provide quality service to every one of our customers. We’re a pool cleaning company Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, and Dover residents have come to trust and appreciate.

Reach out to us today to understand how we can help you enjoy your pool for years to come!

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