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Pool Equipment Repair & Installation ​

Summertime has come and the kids are ready to spend hours enjoying your family pool. But a quick check of the systems reveals much needed repair after the heavy winter season. Don’t wait until the warm weather demands pool use to get your pool ready!  Think ahead for your spring startup in case you need pool equipment repair and installation before you can enjoy your pool. 

At Family Pool Maintenance, we handle both repair and installation of your pool equipment, including pump and filtration systems, outlets or drainage components and much more. We make sure equipment is running smoothly for all three aspects of your pool’s health – circulation, cleaning and chemistry. 

Remember that the earlier you think about pool equipment repair and installation in Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, and Dover, the more time you will have to spend in your pool without issues.

Below, we’ve provided more information about preparing to enjoy the pool and maximizing your time during the hot summer months.

Pool Equipment Repair & Installation In Dover

Pool care specialists are present in Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, and Dover who understand that proper pool equipment repair and installation can help people enjoy their pools more. 

But thinking about this early and preparing is of the utmost importance.

Remember, pool repair and installation may seem like it is simple and straightforward. The truth is that many of these projects are quite the opposite. Pools have several different components that require care and regular maintenance.

These components are:

  • The pool basin
  • A power driven pump
  • A water filtration system
  • The chemical input component
  • Outlets or the drainage component
  • Returns
  • Plumbing fixtures and processes that make everything flow properly

Aside from the above list, there’s a variety of aspects that can go wrong and may need repairs. Pool equipment repair and installation projects are complex. 

Fixing aspects such as pool filters and pumps require a thorough inspection of pool fixtures, honing in on the issue or issues, and implementing the strategic fixes. But the complexities do not stop there. Did you know that many pool projects necessitate equipment repairs that require a deeper dive into the internal system?

These more rigorous repairs might include more in-depth plumbing work. Also, electrical equipment present within pool systems such as pool heaters and motorized controllers require more expertise and knowledge to carry out the job correctly.

The right pool equipment repair company such as Family Pool Maintenance will have the ability to service both residential sites as well as commercial places with swimming pools. Of course, they’ll also have more than a handful of years of experience dealing with all things pool related.

Pool related projects in Smyrna may be large or small, but they should still be feasible overall by the right pool maintenance and repair firm. Remember that proper experts in this niche will have knowledge and understanding of the key manufacturers in this sector. From staple brands such as Pentair, to Raypak, we’ve seen and serviced them all.

Our pool firm in Smyrna understands what it takes to troubleshoot, fix, and instate all types of pools.

The Importance Of Maintaining Pool Equipment ​

Closeup View of Cleaning Pool with Net

You undoubtedly know that regular pool maintenance is important. But the fact is that it takes time out of our busy day. In addition, how do you know if you are doing the proper maintenance required to keep it in mint condition?

Effective pool maintenance will require three components:

  • Circulation
  • Cleaning
  • Chemistry


Your pool requires water that is in regular motion. Water in motion indicates that a pool is working well. Specifically, it portrays that a pool has clean and secure water.

Always check for water circulation when swimming in a pool to know that it is safe from infestation and grime. Pool pump and filter systems should continue to run at all times when in use, and back-washing your filter regularly will also help to optimize your circulation. Learn how to clean the pool filter and institute it as a part of your general pool maintenance regimen.


Just as circulation is necessary at all times, pool cleaning is important for your pool’s health. This will require specific tools such as a pool brush, a special vacuuming device, and a skimming tool.

Nature and people bring a wide variety of residue to your pool. You run regular risks such as bacteria-related problems that may create unwanted experiences.

Use simple pool cleaning tools to clean your pool weekly and make sure everything goes along swimmingly.


By chemistry, we don’t mean that you have to channel your inner Heisenberg, instead you just need to understand a few necessary items.

These essentials include:

  • pH levels
  • Alkalinity
  • Sanitizer Levels

You will have to keep these components at specific ranges by using several different household items.

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As you can see, pool maintenance and repair takes a bit of skill, elbow grease, and commitment. Further, it takes much more time out of your week and requires specific knowledge and awareness to get the pool running right. It can get even more frustrating when there are deeper level problems that you must repair or replace.

That’s where Family Pool Maintenance comes into the picture. 

We help residents enjoy their pools without dealing with all of the hassles that come with it.

Give Family Pool Maintenance a call today. 

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