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Should I Buy a Variable Speed Pump? – The Delaware Pool Owner’s Guide


You’re on a quest to have the cleanest, most efficient pool in the neighborhood. You have your chemical routine down to a science. You’ve purchased the best, most durable pool cover

What’s next?

It’s time to think about upgrading your pool pump. Ideally, you’re going to buy a variable speed pump.


What is a variable pool pump?


At Family Pool Maintenance, we recommend a variable speed pump. Other options include single pumps and dual pumps. The difference between these options has to do with pump speed. Single pumps have one speed. Dual pumps have a high and low speed. And a variable pump (you guessed it) allows you complete control over setting the speed at which the water passes through your system.

Variable speed pumps will cost more than other models. But before you make your buying decision on price alone, we want to give you a few reasons why variable pool pumps are excellent long-term pool purchases.


Why should you invest in a variable speed pump?

There are many reasons to invest in a variable speed pump. These range from financial to environmental. Below are four reasons you should invest in a variable speed pump.


1. Variable Speed Pumps are Energy Efficient

Variable speed pumps can be 80-90% more efficient than a standard single-speed pump. Your pump doesn’t need to run at full tilt all year round. Sometimes your pool is clean, which means a reduced need for filtration. Your variable speed pump can adjust its energy usage while still keeping your pool fresh and clean. Feel good knowing that you’re taking care of our planet.


2. Variable Speed Pumps Pay for Themselves

Besides helping the environment, variable pump energy efficiency saves you money. Did you know that the average monthly residential electricity bill in Delaware is $128? This means Delaware is 6th in the U.S. when it comes to residential energy costs. Put another way, the average monthly residential electricity bill in Delaware is 19.63% greater than the national average monthly bill of $107. Ouch!

Even though the upfront cost for a variable pump is higher, you can easily pay off the extra cost in about two years through energy savings.


3. Variable Speed Pumps Come with Longer Warranties

Rest easy with a two to three-year warranty. Most variable pumps come with warranties twice the length of single-speed pumps. This is because the variable speed reduces wear and tear on your system, running only when it needs to. Manufacturers know this and can guarantee your product for a longer time. 


4. Variable Speed Pumps are Quiet

If you want your backyard to be a personal retreat, then you need to invest in a variable pump. Single and dual pumps run loudly. Again, this is related to their inefficient energy use. These non-variable pumps run at unnecessarily high speeds, and this leads to extra noise. Family Pool Maintenance wants you to enjoy your backyard and our beautiful Delaware weather. Consider a variable pool pump for a relaxing backyard experience.


If you decide to buy a variable speed pump, contact Family Pool Maintenance for installation and upkeep. Our friendly team pays attention to details – we complete each job correctly and quickly.

Or you can give us a call with questions about the right pool pump for your situation. Each pool is different. Different pool sizes and features require different pump strengths. Don’t make a purchase before consulting a professional.

We are here to serve you!

Give us a call at (302) 270-3700


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