Winter Pool Cover Care Tips in Delaware

Winter pool cover care

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Winter Pool Cover Care Tips in Delaware

With summer behind us, it is time to wrap up the pool parties and prepare for the winter ahead. You want your pool to be in prime form when the weather heats up again, and your cover is key to protecting it from the elements. By following these pool cover care tips, your cover will stay strong and durable for future seasons. 


Why Are Pool Covers Important? 

As a pool owner, you appreciate the time and investment it takes to maintain your pool. Covers prevent drownings, keep harmful sun rays out, maintain water temperature, and are key in long-term pool maintenance. 


How Do I Take Care Of My Pool Cover In The Winter?

Your pool cover care needs will vary depending on your pool cover type, and the conditions it is exposed to. 


Preventing Ice Damage

When ice forms on your pool cover, your first impulse might be to scrape it off. Never do this, as it may damage the cover. Ultimately, the ice will melt and dry, and your pool cover will have done its job. 


If you are truly concerned about the amount of water gathering on the surface of the cover, you can use an automatic water pump periodically to minimize the amount of ice formation.


Another way to prevent damage is by using an air pillow. Air pillows prevent ice from forming inside your pool and possibly lead to costly structural damage. Because they sit between the water and the pool cover, they also prevent the cover from sagging and gathering moisture.these devices vary depending on which type of pool you own. Family Pool Maintenance would be happy to guide you, if you decide you would like to explore this option. 


Preventing Snow Damage

While a certain amount of snow on your pool cover helps it stay in place, the extreme Delaware winters might call for periodic snow removal. 


Using a shovel to remove the snow makes the cover vulnerable to damage, instead use a broom with a long handle to gently remove the snow from the cover. For a very light dusting, a leaf blower should suffice. 


Never compromise your safety by walking onto the pool cover. Not only could this damage the cover, but you could be seriously injured if the cover fell through.


Preventing Falling Tree Limbs & Branches

If you have trees hanging over your pool or even in the vicinity, your pool cover is at risk of being punctured by limbs and branches that break under the weight of snow and ice. The best preventive action is to have your trees professionally trimmed and pruned at the end of summer or fall, taking special care to remove any limbs hanging over your pool.


Pool Cover Care For Above-Ground Pools

You’ll want to protect your pool cover from wind damage if you have an above-ground pool. Strong enough winds can ruin a pool cover and leave your pool vulnerable to damage. For best practices in above-ground pool cover care, follow these three steps:


  • Install pool cover clips that attach onto the underside of the pool rail. By using plenty of clips, you’ll ensure no gaps in coverage where leaves or other damaging materials can get through.
  • Secure the pool cover by strapping it down. Utilize the cable and winch system that came with the cover to ensure that it fits snugly as possible. 
  • Add three inches of water on top of the cover, by doing this it helps keep the cover in place. If the cover looks strained, reduce the water level. 


If you would  like professional pool cover care guidance to ensure you are prepared for the winter, feel free to call our team at 302-270-3700 or contact us online.  We are  experts in all things pool-related, including winter pool cover care. 

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